Our Goals

The crucial role of farming in our society, that has been shaken by falling prices for agricultural produce on side and the destructive practices of intensive farming on the other side inspire us to highlight the importance of farmers for the production of food but also their role as custodians of the land. Half of the 6 ha of land are covered by habitats that are protected by european and national law that are closely linked to the management of the land. Solely through management, the flora and fauna on these pastures can thrive. For more information regarding the protection of nationally protected habitats, click here. We are very proud about the ecological value of these areas and regard them as an asset that is worth protecting, maintaining valuable ecosystem services for society. For this reason we also collaborate with the biological station responsible for the surveying of the ecological status of these habitats.


We try to adopt a holistic approach, by closing nutrient cycles as much as possible, not relying on prophylactic medication nor any other chemical input and not using heavy tools. We try to rely on our animals as "co-workers" to assist us in the work. We rely for instance, on chickens and turkeys to clean up the pastures from parasites and to fertilize the soil.

Biodiversity friendly

We manage 4 ha of biodiversity rich habitats that are under protection by EU and/or national legislation. Managing these habitats to protect and enhance native biodiversity is one of our key priorities.


Although we always look for new farming techniques that enhance produce and the environment, we value the importance of traditional agriculture and how it has shaped our landscapes and cultural heritage. We want to showcase the importance of traditional domestic breeds, the working methods of traditional farming and the path towards modern farming. Being aware and communicating the role and importance of agriculture for society and the environment is another of our priorities.